5 Inspiring Street Photography Websites To Bookmark

Yes, I'm doing a round up! There are obviously a lot of street photographers who have portfolio websites, and plenty of pages dedicated to photography in general, so this is a short list of five sites that are dedicated to street (and documentary) photography, and are great resources to have to hand.

My selections are not in any particular order, but they are websites I find interesting, useful, or inspirational. (Other street photography websites available!)


Eyeshot has grown and evolved from a website (and corresponding Instagram feed) that showcased contemporary street photographers and their work (yours truly included) to a publisher of street photography. Yes, stuff printed on paper! How wonderful is that?! Initially they kicked off with very high quality magazine style publications, and have progressed to publishing monographs of individual photographers.

So, if you are interested in contemporary street and documentary photography this is the place to visit. You can happily lose a few hours browsing through a vast collection of wonderful work on the site, as well as adding a few new books to your list...


Street Repeat started out as an Instagram feed, curated by Julie Hrudova, highlighting the repetitions that exist in modern street photography - hence the name. The IG page was so well received that Julie created a website, which has become a great directory for all things street including competition dates, and festivals, as well as news and interviews.

It's actually incredible how many themes and motifs get repeated over and over again in street photography. Initially it seemed to be undecided whether being featured on Street Repeat was a good thing or a bad thing! But ultimately I feel the fine people in the land of street photography are a good humoured bunch, and don't mind that they are being compared to others who have tackled the very same "idea"! In fact I think these ideas get sought out - it's a sort of street photographer version of stamp collecting!


Street Hunters have been around way longer than I've been a street photographer, and are probably one of the first resources I came across. Their website has the latest street photography news, book, gear and film reviews, discussions, contests, and interesting articles in the expansive blog. As the team (that has now grown to six) have been populating this site regularly over time, you can probably find anything you need in relation to street photography that you might be looking for.


Shooter Files is made by Forrest Walker, a street photographer from the US on the most epic and enviable mission to photograph 100 cities, except that he has already exceeded that target!!! Guess he got carried away since the beginning of his adventure 5 years ago... and who can blame him.

But aside from marvelling at his journey and enjoying his photography Forrest also provides very useful feedback about his experiences of doing street photography in specific cities, along with very handy City Street Photography Guides that point you in the direction of where to shoot, which are a great starting point for any plan to visit one of the cities on his list.


UP Photographers was born out of possibly the most famous and long standing street photography collective, iN-Public, after possibly the most infamous break up. iN-Public have since been reborn, while UP was formed out of the majority of the original iN-Public! There are 25 photographers in the collective and they have a wide range of styles and approaches to street and documentary photography.

As well as promoting themselves, and their books (it's quite an impressive catalogue!), UP collaborate on projects together, and they also introduce other street photographers to their audience through interviews and instagram features. Recently too, the women of UP provided complimentary portfolio reviews for women street photographers, and their Instagram is a lively feed to visit. So there are very proactive, and engaged with their audience, which is one of the reasons they made this list.


Number 6?! Wait. What? Isn't this "5 Inspiring Street Photography Websites To Bookmark"? OK I am shameless, I know, but I had to sneak in my own website, this one, that you are on right now (welcome by the way, and thank you for reading) - The Photo Weekender! This site, the Instagram feed, and our shiny new Facebook page are a work in progress (I started blogging in February of this year, and also I recently added a bookshop, which came out of a blog I wrote about books.)

My mission is to share interesting articles that I come across including inspirational photographers, news, reviews, competition calls etc., as well as promote my own workshops and other street photography bits and bobs (including some awesome resources I'm currently working on - WATCH THIS SPACE). My mission is for The Photo Weekender to be a hub, and a community, and a great curated space for all things street photography. Please do follow The Photo Weekender on Instagram, on Facebook, and even sign up for irregular updates here on the website - Interesting (and varied) content guaranteed!



© Polly Rusyn | Words by Polly Rusyn - Boss at The Photo Weekender and an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer.

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