Let's Plot Your Private Group Adventure!

If you are an existing gang of friends, a camera club, a small business, a squad or group of any kind then gather yourselves together! Choose from Bologna, Cádiz, Gdańsk, Istanbul, Lisbon, Porto, Prague, Rome, Seville or Valencia.

Private Groups are based on any Weekender destination we have already been to or are planning to hit. If you prefer one of our (new) Long Weekender destinations or a whole new destination we can give you a quote, no probs. Private Groups are a set price for the whole group regardless of size (with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12). All you need to do is gather your gang together, quiz them for a selection of dates that work for all, plan a destination around those dates with us, gather up the dosh, and you have yourself a street photography adventure with some of your favourite people!

Once you have assembled your squad use the handy form below so we can kick off the plotting. We will advise you of weather conditions you might expect from your selections, any festivals you might happen upon plus anything else you need to know and we can take it from there. Please give us as many options as you can so we have a good place to start narrowing things down from. 

Your ideal travel months (please select a minimum of 3):
Your ideal destinations:

Thanks so much for sending this over! We're on it and will get back to you as soon as we can.