About Weekenders


The Photo Weekender is more than just a photo tour! You get a passionate professional photographer who is also an experienced tour leader (AKA your Weekender Boss), a perfectly planned itinerary that shows you the most photo-interesting parts of a city within a short space of time, creative photography assignments designed to get the best out of each location, and out of you, as well as feedback post tour (more about all of that below). The best work from the Weekenders also gets featured on our website and If you make the gallery of top 50 shots we also share your social media or portfolio links.

We hunt out cool bars and make group restaurant bookings in hand-picked eateries (sometimes we like to eat in markets though) so you get a true flavour of the destination while hanging out with your travel companions and new friends over lunch, drinks and dinner. 


Book your own flights and accommodation based on your budget, so whether you stay in a hostel or a penthouse suite that’s up to you; you can eat and drink as little or as extravagantly as you like too as we never split the bill so you pay only for what you consume - easy! Once you book with us and the minimum number of participants is met we will send you a Survival Guide, which contains all the info you need to make your reservations such as the arrival airport, any necessary train connections, other transfer intel, a central location to plan your accommodation around and other expenses to budget for such as local transport costs and entrance fees.


Time is precious, weekends are short and cities are there to be explored so we don’t waste a second sitting in a classroom. Weekenders are all about making photographs and exploring the city and sometimes taking side trips a little further afield. Assignments give you a focus for shooting in order to train your eye and maximise time spent on the street - these are meant to guide and inspire you, never to restrict. All briefings take place on the street and true to their name they are brief, although we prefer to think of them as efficient! 

Assignments are set throughout the weekend and through a series of briefings we show you how to become more confident shooting strangers on the street. Through a core set of assignments we introduce you to the building blocks of what makes a great photo in terms of light, composition and storytelling. You will open your eyes to some elements of colour theory and Gestalt principles of visual perception! We promise never to hold your hand and stand you in a spot and tell you what to shoot, instead you will be given the tools to see photo opportunities, and develop your own style. Bonus assignments are thrown into the mix (these vary from Weekender to Weekender so there is always something different if you join us more than once). And from time to time we include visiting a local festival, which means new photo missions should you choose to accept them! We don’t get hung up on technical stuff (shoot with a mobile phone if that's all you have) instead we concentrate on creativity, vision and composition.

All important feedback comes as part of the package, but takes place after you return home with one small condition - that you critique your own work first when you submit a portfolio of ten images within one month of the Weekender. It's all good, we'll give you easy to follow guidelines on curating and critiquing your work.


About The Boss

Meet Polly, founder of The Photo Weekender and your Weekender Boss

Polly Rusyn is a professional photographer, ex adventure tour leader and former travel industry commercial product manager with heaps of experience (for multiple award winning tour operators). The Photo Weekender is the love child of her passions for photography and travel.

Polly's most notable achievements include being both internationally published and exhibited (several times), making the long-list in the National Geographic Traveller UK 2018 photography awards, being a finalist at both the Miami Street Photography Festival (MSPF) 2018, PhoSofia 2019 and Siena International Photography Awards (SIPA) 2020, having a photograph featured as part of the press launch campaign for the Sony World Photography Awards 2019, being published in National Geographic Traveller UK 2019, speaking about street photography at Snap Photography Festival 2019, being interviewed by Digital Photographer magazine for a six page spread about The Photo Weekender, speaking at the National Geographic Traveller Masterclasses 2020, being interviewed by Outerfocus Podcast, and being awarded the honour of being an Official Fujifilm X-Photographer.

Polly’s love of cheese is well documented and she is known to laugh at her own jokes without shame. All photos (other than in participant galleries) have been made by Polly!

(Headshot made by Saskia Nelson)

Street Club

Join us on a VIRTUAL Meetup (while Covid-19 is in our lives!) Ordinarily we would meet in London...

Join this friendly London-based street photography Meetup group run by our very own Polly and meet some of the regulars while getting a flavour of the vibe. Meetups take place in London over around three hours and sometimes with day trips out of the city.

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All photography (except for participant galleries) were made by Polly Rusyn. All participant images remain the copyright of the individual photographer. No stock photos here!